Monday, June 27, 2011

"Wall hanging for a friend"

I dont often feel sorry for myself, but these past 10 days have been pretty awful. I had to have two caps done, which cost me 1000$, and one of them has a really bad infection and the nerve is dying and I have been in pain for the past week. I just came back from the dentist, and  found out I have to have a root canal done next week. Due to this, I have to cancel my summer holidays. And my shoulder pain is I apoligize for I have not, nor will be commenting as much on all your beautiful postings. I just had to make something today; I was just so stressed out and depressed. So I made this gift for a friend who has an upcoming Birthday...xoxoxo


  1. Sweetie take good care of yourself. I already missed your creations and after reading your blog I can imagine that the last 10 days must have been horrible. I really hope that you are feeling a bit better each day.
    Your health is the most important and please don't apologise for not being around. Blogging can wait....And I'll wait for you :)
    I'm smitten by this wall hanging; that you were able to create this while you suffered so much pain. Your friend will cherish this. Such a wonderful keepsake.
    Your card is still standing in my living room and everyone who is coming here is looking at it and says WOW! Your work is gorgeous!

    Love and hugs; take care. Thinking of you!

  2. Oh Gisele you poor, poor thing. You are having a rotten time of it and although we are new friends I know you don't deserve such a rubbish time. I love that you have taken a negative and made the effort to do something positive. That is the mark of a remarkable woman. Many would still be wallowing, but not you.
    When in pain everything takes so much more effort, effort that unless you are going through it yourself, nobody realises how hard it can be. Your friend will be so touched that you created something with such beauty, especially when she knows the pain you are in.
    You take good care of yourself.
    Wishes & A Hug Too

  3. oh, wow-i feel sorry for you after reading this post--you poor thing! hopefully, you are on the mend now--take care:) oh, beautiful card!

  4. Your creations are wonderful!

  5. Well Gisèle I can imagine with all that on your plate that you were a bit discouraged! Pain is a horrible thing. You made a stunning creative hanging!! Wow, this is just beautiful!
    Take care and thanks for visiting my blog - hope in the mean time things have cleared up a bit!


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