Monday, June 20, 2011

Etude de Roses...

I have always wanted to paint; I find the vision very romantic. I spend a lot of time on my deck in the summer, and cannot make my cards out there; much too humid for paper. So I thought I would teach myself how to paint...we will see....this idea may pass by very quickly...

This is just me fooling around...

Well, You didn't expect a Picasso now did you?...LOL...


  1. Just astonishing. Seriously Gisele! Well I did kind of expect a Picasso-esque study at the very least and you did not disappoint. So pretty and very much like the roses I love so. Wouldn't it be wonderful to sit and have tea, chat and watch you paint? Absolutely! So inspiring!

  2. Fooling around???? `Gisèle this is pure beauty to look at. You captured the colors so well; it looks so real but also dreamy. I can;t wait to see more!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Love and hugs,

  3. If that is you fooling around then I would say you can paint.
    If as a child someone had asked me what I wanted to be it was to be an artist. Maybe it all stems from being an old romantic, holed up in a French attic with a starving artist - does that make me the muse, not the artist, that I need to ponder ROFL.
    Gisele,you go for it girl.
    Remember - She Knew No Fear!!!

  4. such a beautiful rose!--i love to paint, though, lately, paper crafting takes up most of my time:)


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