Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another masterpiece !!

just kidding....just fooling around again on my deck with acrylics and glimmer mists....


  1. Gisele
    Have you honestly never painted before?
    Imagine, you had this talent and never realised it.
    The colour is remarkable.
    The sun is shining here but I am where I like to be, tucked up inside as the sun doesn't like me at all LOL.
    Off to make my DT sample for The Stampsmith Challenge, I am running behind time as the deadline is very fast approaching - Yikes!

  2. And you are irght; it is a masterpiece. Glad you could do some painting; I hope you are feeling a bit better.....XXXX

  3. I agree-it is a masterpiece--and so is the piece you made for your friend--it is breathtaking!

    I sure hope that you will be feeling better...Having a root canal is no fun at all!! I pray you feel better soon and that you will be "in the pink" in no time!!
    (((hugs))) to you, my friend,


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