Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New site "Scrap for Help"

Hi all, There is a new site calledScrap for help

Here is their mission:

And be solidarity, is to feel the slightest need to share and to realize that differences exist only because it is easier to manage than distances difficulties ... so we decided to create this blog Scrap For Help to bridge the gap between people and to this end in 14 scrappers come together in national and international efforts to make our blog a difference in the lives of others.

We are supported by the. ONU - Brasil and ONU Nações Unidas

We invite international scrapper to share this idea and we all embraced our cause immediately .... and most importantly of all is that with the help of art that is going to be able to do scrapbooking national campaigns to raise something that will make a difference to other people .

So take advantage and join us create, learn, invent, paint and embroider, but remember always to be supportive!

Here the challenge is you just use your creativity and materials placed on the project ....... mainly be deployed to create and help those in need is ...

And this is their giveaway :

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  1. Giséle amazing tags!!!WOW!!!
    Thank you dear!
    We at Scrap For Help appreciate your kindness and your support!
    Marilia Lopes


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