Sunday, June 19, 2011

A tribute to my Dad....

My dad passed away when I was 25, he was 71. He was a simple, kind man. My parents never learnt how to drive, so my Dad would take his bike everywhere ( or the plane  LOL he worked as a mecanic for Air Canada,  the biggest and best  Airline at the time); a trip to the store 15 minutes away would take him an hour because he would stop and chat with everyone. My dad was one of those guys who worked with his hands; he was always making and fixing things. And this is my all time favorite picture of us both, unknowingly taken by my brother....

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads out there....xoxooxox

PS Pipe smoking was very A la Mode in those days.....


  1. Gisele
    What a very special tribute. I am misty eyed!
    Also a special photograph for you to share with us. He would be very proud of you, your abundance of creative talent, your integrity and the way that you make a difference to people's lives ( I know that first hand!)

  2. Gisèle what a beautiful post. Such a lovely tribute to your father and your story is so warm and heartfelt.
    It's also great to get a glimpse of your childhood.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    I know for sure your father will be very prous of you; you are such a creative and wonderful person!

  3. And have a wonderful day!


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