Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you Lynne....

Hi, I received these gifts from a new ( less than a month) blogger friend as a thank you for the sweet comments I have been leaving her. I met Lynne from Adorn, like most of us do, but with a twist. I had just read through the latest Somerset Studio magazine and had really enjoyed it and had felt especially inspired by a few of the wall hangings.  The theme was  : Be Fearless.  A few days later,  I received a comment on one of my cards, so I went to visit  her blog, and it was the artist from one of the wall hangings; it was Lynne. I fell in love.....I spent about 4 hours over a two day period going through her blog; I cried, I smiled, I was in awe, I marvelled, and simply could not get enough. Her art work touched me to my very core....It was one of those rare instances where I loved just about everything she made. And since then, we have been leaving encouraging comments on each other's creations....

Lynne's style is vintage, she adores and excels in rubber stamping, and focuses on the themes of femmes, travel, Paris, and dressmaking. She delves in tags, cards, mixed media and altered art. She has been  published in Somerset Studio, The Stampers' Sampler, Take Ten and The Stampers' Sampler Catch-up  And she is on the DT for Divas D'Esté .In her own words : "Crafting is all about experimenting, challenging myself and having fun and learning all the time". And she lives in Scotland; oh, I wish I could hear her voice with the lovely Scottish accent !

Here are my gifts that I will treasure... ( I hope the colors are ok, I am outside)...

This is the finest, most delicate lace, and I love that she stamped my Province of Québec !!!


  1. Hi Gisele,
    I have been having trouble making comments since last night, so I was afraid I wouldn't be able to comment on here! I am so glad that I can...Lynne is wonderful and her art is gorgeous! AND she is a beautiful person, which makes all the rest even more special!! I love this post!

  2. Oh my word Gisele I am completely and utterly overcome. I delight in that fact that we connected and we have, in a very short time it may be but we have connected. When I wrote my post on Blogging friendship and the power of this friendship even though most of us will never meet our friends, you were one of those friends in my mind.
    I remember when you mentioned that there you were in Canada reading Somerset Studio, an American publication and looking at a piece of art made by someone in Scotland. Without Blogs this connection would never have taken place. Out little story, for me, sums up the power of Blogs, when it is used in a warm, celebratory manner when we support, praise and applaud when good things happen - this is how it should be.
    I loved that I had that stamp to pop on the tag as it personalised the tag for you. It was only a little gesture on my part and I didn't anticipate for one minute you writing such a beautiful post. So Gisele, thank you for the bottom of my heart because this post is a gift from you to me.
    This is only the start of our friendship :)
    Wishes, Thanks & Love

  3. Lynne is such a sweet, talented person, I also have a card of hers. So happy that the crafting world gives connections via blogs that would otherwise be impossible.

  4. Giselle, Merci beaucoup for visiting my blog. I have certainly enjoyed reciprocating and reading through your posts. I really loved the 'tool belt' card you made -- so ingenious! Lynne gets around, doesn't she? And always makes such an impression. She was an Artist-in-Residence for me one month -- a super treat. Gifts created by her are always such treasures. You have the talent for such a variety of styles in your creations. I liked too many to mention:) And enjoyed your garden tours, too. Thank you again! Trishia


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