Thursday, March 24, 2011

Health issues....

Hello all, I am sorry I have not been commenting on your posts, nor posting any of my own work. As you may or may not know, I have nerve damage in my neck, and I have now developed bursitis in my shoulder as well as carpal tunnel syndrome; my hands are very weak....I have been resting, taking anti-inflammatory medication, as well as natural therapies, but the problems are persisting....I am starting massage therapy next week , and will see how that goes....

If anyone has any suggestions, please share.

This is something I finished before these problems started, but never posted. I am  praying that I will be able to start crafting soon and leave some love for all of you and your beautiful creations. Please send healing energy my way...

xoxooxxoxoox G.


  1. Gisèle sorry to read that you have health issues that keep you from creating. I can relate to that....
    This artwork is simply stunning... gorgeous I love the vintage accent of it... do less but please don't stop you are a very inspiring artist!
    Take care

  2. Thanks for this gorgeous piece of inspiration! I hope the massage therapy is able to offer you some relief. You'll be in my thoughts. Big hugs to you!

  3. so sorry about your health. My tip for your hands: 500mg capsule of Oil of Evening primrose , twice a day along with 1000mg of Vit. C.(one per day) My mom has been taking this for 15 years and it literally cured her hand pain and debillitating arthritis. Seriously, I am starting the same protocol.

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  5. So sorry my dear. You must be in so much pain and I can relate to that. Just take it easy for a while and hoping you'll soon feel better. Hugs xx

  6. My dear friend--I wish you speedy healing so that you are relieved of pain. This is a stunning piece of art. I hope you will be able to enjoy creating again very soon.

  7. Oh Gisèle, I am so so sorry to hear this... My sister-in-law has had the same problem, but she has had to have surgery and now she's 100% again and has full recovery of her hands. Doesn't mean that you have to undergo this, too, every person is different. I do wish you all the best and hope that you will soon recover. Sending blessings your way, Ira x

  8. Gisele i am so sorry you are suffering this way and I knew i had missed seeing your email posts. I hope things are much better soon.
    I love this beautiful piece, its so pretty and elegant
    hugs June x

  9. Gisele I am so so very sorry to hear this. Yes I missed you and reading this I am sending big hugs and healing thoughts your way. It must be horrible to watch the days go by and having so much pain to deal with. And not able to do what you love to do. Your handmade jewel is gorgeous. I am a big fan of your unique style and this is priceless. I don't know what would be best but I am praying that you will be on the mend soon.And I realise it must be a long and difficult way. But I am with you....A big kiss and lots of love from all of us here...Take care dear; I am thinking of you....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  10. A beautiful piece of work Gisele.
    I'm so sorry to hear of your health problems, I have no suggestions for you but I'm sending you lots of hugs and get well wishes.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. Dear Gisele,

    I am so very sorry to hear of your pains and health situation. I have
    been suffering with Bursitis in my right hip and I walk or stand for awhile and I am in agony. I had a cortisone shot in my hip a couple of months ago but it wore off quickly and the pain has been getting progressively worse. I have an appointment the end of March and so hoping my Dr. will help me. I rub the area with odor free Aspercreme and take a anti-inflammatory pain pill every four hours...I understand your pain. I also have Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis. I had neck surgery 4 years ago and well I suffer with pain every day. I pray that you will find relief and I think your having massage therapy will do you a world of good!!

    I will keep you in my prayers dear lady.....

    Blessings and Peace,


  12. Dear Gisele I was so sorry to read about the terrible pain you have been experiencing and it must be so frustrating that you can not continue with your creative pursuits.
    Love your piece of art here - so pretty and so feminine with lace and roses!
    I shall email you sweetie,
    Warm hugs to you,

  13. Hello, my dear friend, I am so sorry that you are still feeling such pain, I do pray that your treatments help soon!
    I do have to say that this creation may be my fav from you. It is absolutely divine! The fabrics and textures are stunning, this is truly special Gisele, as are you!!

    Much love and prayers,



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