Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's post is for a warm, caring, generous, artistic, spiritual woman I had the good fortune to meet through blogging Cindy Adkins . Cindy makes gorgeous vintage, mixed media creations; she uses a lot of lace, burlap,graphics, music sheets, birds, fairies, pearls. She makes tags, canvases, banners; she does a lot of altered art: matchboxes, trays, bottles, cans, clipboards. Her work is sold on ETSY and she often has giveaways on her blog. She is published in many magazines, and has her work in several galleries as well as art shows. She also designs for Shabby Cottage Studio and Dezinaworld. Every Sunday, I look forward to reading her on line magazine Whimsical Musings, where she introduces us to several artists.I was completely taken aback and humbled, and yes, THRILLED,  when she fell in love with with my iris folding Japanese Kimonos and told me she wanted to put me into her magazine, which she did yesterday.

AND, after all of this, she takes the time to flutter over to my blog, here and there, like an angel and leaves me sweet, encouraging comments that put a smile on my face, and warmth in my heart.

Cindy is greatly loved and her work well respected, she is always receiving gifts from women bloggers who
adore her. They adore her, as I do, for all of the above, but mostly for her warm, generous, loving spirit...

Thank you Cindy...



  1. I echo all of that Giselle! Hugs xx

  2. You richly deserve it - the kimonos are beautiful! congratulations!

  3. Hi Gisele,
    You are so precious...and your kimonos are truly beautiful works of art...and so inspiring!!! I can't thank you enough for your kind words....You are just so sweet and I knew it the minute we first spoke on our blogs...You are a true light in the art world!!


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