Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Iris folding" Kimonos

I love Japanese art. I made the following kimonos using the iris folding technique. I did not make the patterns myself. If you dont know this technique, it is very simple, and a lot quicker that it looks. It is repetitive, but I love going through my papers, and finding the ones I want to use based on color, design and texture...And I find the outcome beautiful...Here are a few I have made...

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  1. Hi Gisele,
    These are breathtaking!!!! I just love them!!!!
    I am going to feature artists on my new online magazine
    and I'd love to feature these some time and do a feature on
    you as a Guest Artist...just let me know if you'd like me to do that.
    It may be in a few months (I'm not sure when it will post as I'm going week to week with themes, but I could do an Asian theme and these would be so perfect, so just let me know.


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