Sunday, July 31, 2011

Punks, Pins and Tattoos....

Hey peeps, I had JUST enough of this fabric to make a little pouch for my punks (see previous post).
 Can you tell this fabric is velour like, it is super soft to the touch, my SIN gave it to me and I love it...

 When I told my hubby I was making a card for punks that loved skull tattoos, wonderful man that he is, he came home that afternoon with a box of pins, and these cheap dollar store tattoos....So, here they are integrated on the pouch and the tags...

too much inka-gold glare, sorry about that....thanks for looking....Serene Sunday to you all...xoxooxox


  1. Gisele I have to love that man in your life that he "gets" the creative process so much that he brought home those amazing goodies for you to integrate into your pouch/envelope.
    The most stunning manner in which to present the equally stunning card. If the couple are anything like myself they will re-cycle the pouch. I keep little treasures in mine and it reminds me of you.

  2. my man is extremely creative...his main outlet is guitar, he has been playing for 35 years....when we first met, he wrote about 30 love songs in that first year...and none since LOL...but we will always have those lyrics....xoxoox

  3. Gisele, I LOVE the pouch, I LOVE that your DH brought home pins and tattoos, I LOVE that this couple will just FREAK out at how much thought went into this! WOW!

  4. love the pouch, pin heart and lace! so cool:)

  5. You always add so many fabulous details on your projects and the happy couple will love this custom/tailor made beauty.
    How sweet of your hsusband to bring along all these supplies. Great use of tattoos :)
    I'm smitten. You are so so talented and this looks stunning!
    Love and hugs,

  6. How wonderful! Your treasure is that much more special for your dear man to have given his offerings! Beautiful color!

  7. This is so pretty. Everything you make has detail and beautiful colors and touches. You are so gifted!

  8. Hi Gisele--I love it!! And I am laughing about the 30 songs in one year and none since...It happened to me too because I'm a writer...YOU totally inspired him!!! xo Cindy


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