Thursday, July 28, 2011

Punk Love

I made this card for a couple that was described to me as : punkish, lots of tattos, love skulls...
who are getting married. So I took out my grunge and went to town !!!

lots of inking, painting. embossing on corrugated cardboard...cut out a piece of fabric , frayed it and glued it behind my skull head heart...

Punched holes, laced a piece of the same fabric added a bunch of beads

Decorated the inside with this Gorgeous Crafty Individuals paper, made a tag using their stamps.

And the back with the knotted fabric...

Thanks for your visit...xoxoxoox


  1. A tailor made card. You created a card and added all kinds of details that the couple will love. I love that string of beads, your use of cardboard and the heart. Stunning!
    Have a lovely day dearie...I hope you are feeling well...

  2. What a crafty stroke of genius! It is so awesome that you've customized this art work just perfectly. This will be cherished for sure. Brava!

  3. FINALLY the punk card and WHOA
    Tell me, did you draw the skulls? If you did, bravo to you as to create a mirror image is extremely difficult.
    As always the details in your creations are second to none.
    I wish I could see their faces when they open this as I am sure they will faint with pure glee!!!

  4. Move over Tim Holtz! OMGosh a skull Heart???!!! I didn't even notice that until the close up! And the corrugated paper and the beads!!!! WOW! Just perfect for a punk couple I would say!!!

  5. LOVE the awesome skull heart and beads-they will love it too!

  6. Great texture, interesting details, what a brilliant creation!!!!

  7. Fabulous creation, you are so talented I look forward to what you create next!


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