Monday, July 4, 2011

Belt it out...

I had so much fun making this is for a carpenter...Check it out...I made the pockets from a Basmati rice bag...cut out strips of leather for the belt...I thought this color was a good idea for a belt, you know that soft leather ....Added a buckle, and just went through my tool box and got out some items....

I was really happy about the outcome of the faux brick...The bottom part is faux hardwood, but its not coming out correctly on the pic...

This is the inside; I wanted the whole thing to feel like wood...and more wood with the Scrabble letters (not my idea, saw someone use this, can't remember who or where ...)

I used paint chips and cut outs of wood furniture and wood  from a paint pamphlet for the envelope ( he is primarly a carpenter, but does a lot of paint jobs...). One of the names on the chips is Forest Glenn, and that is the name of the area he lives in....Yep, I think of's all in the details...LOL...

sorry about the blurry pictures...dont know whats up with that..

Thanks for taking a peak...xoxoox


  1. Gisèle this is fabulous. Your ideas are always brilliant; and this is awesome. Wow wow wow!!!!
    Your creations belong in a gallery; this is ART!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Sweet jeebus! So cool! Needless to say every detail is spot on. Such a work of art. The rice bags are my hands down fave. Just amazing!

  3. This is just awsome. Love all the little details. Thanks for commenting in my blog. The answer to your question is that I have used a die and the paper was double folded and then i folded it and put another heart die on the fold. Just like another easel card. I'm no good in explaining, but did you get the ide maybe? Have a nice day. Bettina

  4. such a creative and clever guy card, gisele! love it:)

  5. Oh my gosh, Gisele,
    This is brilliant!!! In August (not yet) the theme for Scrap for Help is going to be "fathers." You should link this up then--it's amazing!!!

  6. Gisele
    You said it, it is all in the details and those details count. That is what makes handmade so special you could never, ever find such a card in a store. Imagine his face when he opens the envelope and sees the details of the name of his hometown and the faux brick and the buckle. Fabulous doesn't come near to just how impressed I am with this card. You did get the e-mail where I showed it to my Dad - he said the same as me.
    I just love when you post something new to share with us :)


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