Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bead Em Up !!!

Hello there, I spent the morning on the deck making stickpins with the new beads I received from hubby for my b'day...he has such great taste...Enjoy...I don't mind if you take my ideas and use them for any posting I make; I will take it as a form of compliment...Oupph!!!.y fait chaud !!!  34 C, 94 Farenheit...


  1. Way to go hubby! Those are some great beads! Lovely pins. I am loving the rose one, looks like it's in a vase. Very pretty!

  2. Gisele are these for the Bella Unique challenge?
    These are the bestest ever (!) stick pins I've come across, talk about style. Now I cannot wait to see them gracing one of your pieces of art.
    Love them!!

  3. You are having a wonderful husband with a great taste......Your pins are amazing. Gorgeous colors and I love the variety of shapes. They will come in good use on one of those amazing projects of you.....

    Thanks for your sweet comment dearie...
    You mean a lot to me....
    Love and hugs,

  4. Your stick pins are beautiful and I might very well indeed use some of your ideas! Connie :)


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