Monday, May 16, 2011

"Carte de Sympathies"

A woman I used to work with lost her mother to cancer this week-end, so I made this card to send to her....

When my husband gets home, I will get him to write the sentiment in the circle and I will heat emboss it (my handwriting is atrocious).

As you can see, my glossy accents is still wet...

The inside...


  1. Gisele: This is a gorgeous card! It will mean so much to your friend. You did a wonderful job with the colors, layout, EVERYTHING! gREAT WORK.

  2. Gisele
    It is not only the card that is special, you are special for taking the time to put so much beauty into the card, both outside and the inside. A very special card that will mean the world to your friend.

  3. You created a little piece of heaven. Just looking at this jewel makes me sigh. You put a lot of effort, time and above all that a LOT OF LOVE in this card. And that shows off. This is breathtaking!
    A wonderful and thoughtful card to send; your former colleague will love it. And it will comfort her in these difficult and sad days.

    Love and hugs,


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