Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogger is re-posting old posts of mine...

hello everyone, I have to apologize if you are seeing some of my old posts being re-posted by blogger.
Anyone else having this problem ? I have posted the question on blogger help.. I have no idea why this is happening....but its annoying  lol

Hugs, G.


  1. I have not heard of this, I hope it does not happen to you for long.

  2. Les Roses roses....
    Posted: 19 May 2012 03:23 AM PDT
    Hi there, I am going to try to sell my cards to a florist and a small gift store....Does anyone have any advice ?
    is it easier to sell with greetings on the front ? its hard here because half the population is french and the other half english....can you ask them to sell at a certain price ? I want them to be accessible to a lot of people...

    Bonjour,I read your request on SuperSnooks 13. I am also a card maker, living in Alberta, Canada.My suggestions are..
    1)perhaps the initial "sentiment" ( eg,"thinking of you" "With Sympathy", whatever, would be on the front of the card, with perhaps a short phrase, quote or thought on the inside.This would depend on how big you want your cards to be. don't forget to leave room to write the name and/or personal note. ( I did this once-- never again!!)
    2) Since vous etes en Quebec, perhaps you could make the same card in each language-Franglais ou Anglais so your customer has a choice. I know how "cranky" the PQ gov't is about both languages LOL

  3. Hi Gisele. Is it blogger or is it another blog reblogging your posts?
    Regards Florence xx

  4. Sorry you're having blogging issues. I'm posting infrequently so not much going on at my blog to have those problems.

  5. Oh WOW! I can only hope that doesn't happen to me? Did Blogger offer you any help?


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