Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Grungy meets Pretty" Card

Allo, funny how creativity works. My SIL asked me to make a card for a couple ( man + woman), artists, that are retiring and will be enjoying the pleasures of life such as travel, family, food, gardening and movies.

I went into my art room, and looked at papers, took out some ribbon, some flowers, shuffled things around....You know how it goes....Nothing...It was as if I had never made a card before.

Today, I saw the Case Study Inspirational photo by Jill Foster; isn't that just beautiful....Yikes !!!

 Then I watched  a U-stream, and she is making a mini-album with corrugated paper and torn up labels,  and Bang, went back into the art room, and felt like an older version of Marion Smith. Combining grunge with prettty, painting, stamping, inking, ripping, embossing , glimmer misting,distressing, rubbing and buffing , huffing and puffing , oops, omit that, that is another story :-), using screens, combining pieces of my necklace with the ribbon (I was committed !!)....the card practically made itself in a few hours.Man, I love that feeling....

Enjoy....xoxoxo Don't mind all the pictures; I have no memory left, and use this as a reference tool..


  1. Dear Gisele
    I loved your story as we have all been there. There are times when I feel as though I have never crafted before, then all of a sudden it all clicks into place, effortlessly and you wonder why there were hitches in the first place!!!
    This is so special and completely stunning. The effort and love, well that is what makes handmade so special, shop bought can never ever match that.
    That birdie is the cutest detail and actually I love lots of photos as I am a detail freak. The jumprings with beads and ribbon is a beautiful touch.
    You are making so many people happy with your art.
    Are you doing Pink Saturday this week?

  2. And who said "and never the twaine shall meet?" boy did they get it wrong. What a post choc full of delectable eye candy! Bliss.

  3. WOW! What a lovely album! Can't get enough of all of your distressing- just lovely! HUGS!

  4. simply beautiful, gisele! love your colors:0)

  5. This is an amazing creation. Love the textures, layers, distressing . . . . A Beauty!

  6. Oh wow, what an extraordinary project! Love it!!

  7. How very pretty and grungy at the same time, LOL! Gorgeous colors and fabulous mix of accents...I'm sure the recepient will be so pleased with's a treasure! Thanks for sharing with us at CASE Study!


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